Memories Are Everything...

Of all the things to pay tribute to, nothing is more important than a life well lived. Everyone has an influence on those around them, and the best way to remember this influence when a person passes is with a loving memorial. FD Sweet and Son has been helping individuals to celebrate life since 1929, and we know how to handle an important event like this with the utmost care. 

When it comes to making important choices like how to celebrate the life of a loved one, there are plenty of possibilities. Whether you know exactly what type of memorial you’d like or whether you need a bit of help deciding the best option, we are here to help. We can work with you to create a fitting memorial for your loved one while honoring your privacy during this time.

Planning Memorial Services

Memorial services are more than just events – they’re tributes. Paying tribute to a departed loved one is one of the best ways to say goodbye. Whether you want a large or small memorial service, we can help you put together the event that will help you remember your loved one.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to a tribute. Speakers, music, and flowers are all commonly used at memorials to help show respect to the departed and to memorialize the impact they had on others. We are committed to helping you create the perfect memorial so your loved one can be remembered in a loving and respectful manner.

Respecting Your Emotions During this Time

While you may be ready to plan out a memorial service for your loved one, it is understandable that you may have trouble thinking clearly during this difficult time. We have helped families plan our memorials for decades, so we understand that you are dealing with a wide range of emotions. 

While we will work to make sure that the memorial for your loved one is created according to your unique needs, we will also be respectful of you and your privacy. Losing a loved one is never easy, and nothing can completely alleviate the pain. However, we are dedicated to handling memorial planning with sensitivity and care. 

An individualized Memorial Service

Everyone is different, and therefore every memorial must be different as well. While some may be similar, as certain features of memorials are regularly used, we understand that you may be very particular about how your loved one’s memorial is handled. 

Whether your preferred memorial setup is simple or elaborate, we are committed to making sure that every detail is put in place according to your loved one’s wishes as well as your own. A memorial should be a fitting way to pay tribute to a person and show how they influenced those around them. We can help create the type of loving and caring tribute that honors your loved one’s memory.

From the time and location to terms of visitation, we can handle all aspects of planning out a loving memorial for your loved one. We can offer both memorials at the cemetery as well as digital memorials to help remember your loved one.

One way that many people memorialize their loved ones is to have a personalized monument created at the cemetery. We can help with this type of arrangement and allow you to give your loved one the special memorial they deserve.

Another interesting way that people are paying tribute to their loved ones today is through the use of digital memorials. These combinations of text, pictures, and music allow your loved one to be memorialized in a way that highlights their personality, life, and influence on others.

Lasting Memorials